Artificial Intelligence – Machine Learning

Machine learning is a part of Artificial Intelligence which give ability to program to make a decision/solution for a problem or make a prediction for the future which are based on training data or instances which are related to the wanted result. Moreover, the program does not need to re-program if there are new data thus the machine learning itself can improve not only from the data or instances from the first time, but also from new inputted data and the program keep learning automatically.

Nowadays, there are many divisions have already applied machine learning such as transportation with self – driving car,  recommendations based on user’s views and image browsing.  The aforementioned examples have a similar purpose which are for helping human on effectiveness. So, the decisions or predictions machine learning made are used for human needs. Self – driving car helping human to get anywhere in easy and ease people who can not drive. Recommendations help owner of website or anything to make future decision and help users get information what user’s liked. Then, image browsing help people to easily get image which needed. Besides helping human, machine learning also ensure human security. Fraud detection ensure user so does not get in fraud. Face recognition help officer efficiently to locate criminals. There are also so many others division that can be implemented  with machine learning.

The health divisions, machine learning can be implemented. First, machine learning can be implemented to learn about X-ray scan results. Then, the future machine learning can decide what the X-ray scan result means. That can be used for doctors, patients, and scholars. Second, machine learning is implemented to learn surgery history which will show the percentage of the succeed and not with additional information, why the succeed can be achieved and the not causes. Moreover, the machine learning in future can determine what kinds of action need to be taken by the surgeon and the patients after surgery. That will help doctors and patients to decide what the best action to be taken and to understand the problems.

Kelvin Hadi Pratama
Odd Semester 2016/2017
School of Computer Science, Bina Nusantara University

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